RTAS’19, the 25th in a series of annual conferences sponsored by the IEEE, will be held in Montreal, Canada, as part of the Cyber-Physical Systems Week (CPSWeek) in April, 2019. The scope of RTAS’19 consists of three tracks:

  • Track 1: Applications, Operating Systems and Run-Time Software;
  • Track 2: Applied Methodologies and Foundations; and
  • Track 3: Hardware Architectures and Analysis Tools.

Expanded scope: RTAS is a top-tier conference with a focus on systems research related to embedded systems and time-sensitive systems (of any size). The broad scope of RTAS’19 ranges from traditional hard real-time systems to embedded systems without explicit timing requirements, including latency-sensitive systems with informal or soft real-time requirements.



Jul 18

Call for Papers published

The RTAS’19 call for papers has been posted — come check it out here!

There are three notable changes with regard to last year’s edition:

  1. Broadened scope: Submissions to Track 1 — the systems track — are no longer required to necessarily address timing issues. Of course, papers addressing timing issues are very welcome, but so are papers addressing other systems issues in embedded systems (broadly construed). Check out the detailed track description for details and contact the program chair in case of questions or doubts.
  2. Any kind of timing: the Call for Papers has been revised to make it more clear that RTAS welcomes work not just on classical hard real-time systems (which of course remain of interest), but also time-sensitive applications in a broader sense, including applications subject to probabilistic, soft real-time, quality-of-service (QoS), or latency requirements (e.g., as they often arise in cloud/edge/fog computing systems and IoT applications).
  3. And last but not least, RTAS’19 is moving to a double-blind peer reviewing process where the identities and affiliations of authors will not be disclosed to reviewers. Implementation details and a guide on how to properly anonymize submissions will be made available shortly.