The winners of the RTAS 2019 Outstanding Paper Awards are (in order of presentation):

  • Holistic Resource Allocation for Multicore Real-Time Systems
    Meng Xu, Linh Thi Xuan Phan, and Hyon-Young Choi (University of Pennsylvania); Yuhan Lin (Northeastern University); Haoran Li and Chenyang Lu (Washington University in St. Louis); Insup Lee (University of Pennsylvania)
  • Denial-of-Service Attacks on Shared Cache in Multicore: Analysis and Prevention
    Michael Bechtel and Heechul Yun (University of Kansas)
  • RTNF: Predictable Latency for Network Function Virtualization
    Saeed Abedi, Neeraj Gandhi, and Henri Maxime Demoulin (University of Pennsylvania); Yang Li and Yang Wu (Facebook); Linh Thi Xuan Phan (University of Pennsylvania)

Congratulations to all authors for their fantastic work!

These excellent papers will be presented in the last session of the conference on Thursday, April 18. Don’t miss these outstanding papers and plan your travels accordingly! 

See the conference program for further details on presentation times, and the transparency page for the process used to select the recipients of Outstanding Paper awards.